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Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo

Lord Shiva, the Supreme Being, is believed to be one among the most powerful deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is much revered as the god of destruction and re-creation. The grandeur of God Shiva is indescribable.

Devotees across the country pray Lord Shiva during the Maha Shivratri festival by singing Shiva songs and bhajans. ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’ is a melodious song sung by Hariharan. Throughout the song Lord Shiva is prayed to appear for showering his kindness and his care to people in trouble.

Lyrics and Meaning of the Song ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’

The lyrics and the meaning of the song ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’ are explained below:

  • Hey Bhole Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo

  • Hey Bhole Sambhu Padharo, Baite Chup Ke Kaha.

  • Jata Dhaari Padharo, Baite Chup Ke Kaha

  • Ganga Jatta Mei Tumhari

  • Ho… Ho… Ho… Ganga

  • Jatta Mein Tumhari, Hum Pyase Yaha

  • Maha Sati Ke Pati, Meri Suno Bhandana

  • Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo

  • Baite Chupe Ho Kaha

  • Aao Mukti Ke Data Ho Ho ho

  • Aao Mukti Ke Data, Pada Sankat Yaha

  • Maha Sati Ke Pati, Bolo Chupe Ho Kaha

  • Hey Bhole ...

O kind and caring (Bhole) Shankar, may you appear before me, O kind and caring (Bhole) Shambhu, may you appear before me, from where you are sitting in hiding. O Lord Shiva, the wearer of dreadlocks, may you appear before me, from where you are sitting in hiding. You have heavenly Ganga River flowing from your dreadlocks. O Lord … Ganga flowing from your dreadlocks makes me thirsty here. O the spouse of Supreme Sati, I pray you to listen to my binding problems. I pray you Bhole to appear before me, from where you are sitting in hiding. O Shankar, the only one who can bestow salvation to me, help me from the problems here. O the spouse of Great Sati, may I know where are you sitting in silence. O kind and caring (Bhole) …

  • Bhagirat Ko Ganga, Prabhu Tune De Thi

  • Sagar Ji Ke Putro Ko Mukti Milli thi.

  • Nil Kant Mahadev Hume Hai Bharosa

  • Icha Tumhare Bin Kuch Bhi Na Hota.

  • Hey Bhole Shambhu Padharo ...

  • Hey Gauri Shankar Padharo, Kisne Roka Wanha

  • Aao Bhasma Ramiya, Sabko Taj Ke Yaha

  • Aao Bhasma Ramiya, Sabko Taj Ke Yaha

  • Hey Bhole...

O Lord Shiva, you helped Sage Bhagirath bring the Divine River Ganga to earth from the heaven to liberate King Sagara’s sons who were burnt owing to their misdeeds and attain salvation. O Mahadev, with blue-colored neck, I have complete faith in you that without your knowledge no wish can be fulfilled. O kind and caring (Bhole) Shambhu, may you appear before me; O Gauri ( Parvati’s ) Shankar, may you appear before me. May I know what has stopped you there. O the one who has smeared ash on the body, may you appear to take care of everyone here. O kind and caring (Bhole) …

  • Mere Tapasya Ka Phal Chahe Lelo

  • Ganga Jal Ab Apne, Bhakto Ko Dedo.

  • Pran Pakheru Kahi, Pyasa Ud Jaye Na

  • Koi Teri Karuna Pe Ungali Utaye Na.

  • Bhiksha Meh Mangu Jan Kalyan Ki,

  • Iccha Karo Puri Ganga Snan Ki.

  • Aab Na Dher Karo, Aa Ke Kasht Haro

  • Meri Bath Rakh Lo, Meri Laj Rakh Lo.

  • Hey Bole Gangadar Padharo,

  • Hey Bole Rishidar Padharo, Dori Toot Jaaye Na,

  • Mera Jagh Me Nahi Koi Numhare Bina.

O Shiv Shankar I offer you the fruits of my devotion and austerity for the divine Ganga water for your devotees so that they do not lose the vital life and that no one would question your kindness and compassion. May I beg for everyone’s welfare as the alms for my worship and pray for the fulfillment of the wish to dip in the divine Ganga to cleanse our sins. O Bholenath, may you not delay appearing before us to relieve us from our sufferings and miseries. O Mahadev, I pray to you to consider my humble request and my shame. O kind and caring (Bhole) Gangadhar (one who holds River Ganga), may you appear to take care of us. O kind and caring (Bhole) Rishidhar (Maharishi), may you appear to take care of everyone and not break the bonding for there is no one other than you to save us in the whole universe.

  • Nandhi Ki Saugandh Thume, Vastha Kailash Ka,

  • Bhujne Na Dhena Dhiya Mere Vishwas Ka.

  • Puri Yadhi Aaj Na Hui Manokaamna,

  • Phir Dheenbandhu Hoga Thera Naam Na.

  • Bhole Nath Padharo, Tumne Thara Jahan,

  • Aaoo Maha Sanyasi Aab tho Aa Jao Na.

  • Hey Bhole...

O Shiv Shankar, it is a promise on Nandi, whose abode is Kailash, that may I not let lose the trust I have on you. Where our desire is not fulfilled today, you will still be worshipped as the savior of unhappy and downtrodden people. O kind and caring (Bhole), may you appear to take care of everyone, from anywhere you are. O Great Sanyasi, may you appear before me now. O kind and caring (Bhole) …

Origin of the Song

The song ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’ is from the album Shiva Mahima, where the singer Hariharan renders it melodiously. Throughout the song, Lord Shiva is politely requested with complete devotion to appear before the needy. The lyrics of the song is written by Balbir Nirdosh and the music director is Arun Paudwal. The song was released by T-Series Bhakti Sagar and the Late Gulshan Kumar is the producer of the album, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Devotees who want to worship God Shiva can listen to the bhajans and songs like ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’. Listening to them anytime makes your mind peaceful and calm. You get to gain some benefits by listening to or singing Lord Shiva songs. It helps you go indulge in deep meditation and complete devotion.

This melodious song calls for God Shiva’s blessings on the people to attain salvation. Why not start your day listening to ‘Hey Bhole Shankar Padharo’, which will help you get connected to the him and attain his blessings?

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