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Anuradha Paudwal Shiv Amritvani | Anuradha Paudwal Shiv Bhajan

Lots of songs have been written for praising Lord Shiva, which are included in various ancient Hindu scriptures. Shiv Amritwani is one of the most popular devotional songs that are sung describing the greatness of God. Anuradha Paudwal Shiv Amritwani is adored by all devotees, as it expresses their feelings of reverence for Supreme God in a poetic style.

Basic Lyrics Of Shiv Amritwani Song

Kalp taru roop atma prem sudha Shiv naam
Hit karak sanjivani Shiv chintan aviraam
Patit pawan jaise madhu Shiv rasna ke ghol
Bhakti ke hansa hi chuge moti ye anmol
Jaise tanik suhaga sone ko chamkaye
Shiv sumiran se atma adhbhut nikhari jaye
Jaise chandan briksh ko dashte nahi hai naag
Shiv bhakto ke chole ko kabhi lage na daag
Om namah Shivay Om namah Shivay

Daya nidhi Bhuteshwar Shiv hai chatur sujan
Kan kan bheetar hai base Neelkantha Bhagwan
Chandrachood ke trinetra Umapati vishvashe
Sharnagat ke ye sada kaate sakal klesh
Shiv dware prapanch ka chal nahi sakta khel
Aag aur pani ka jaise hota nahi hai mail
Bhaya bhanjan Nataraj hai damru wale nath
Shiv ka vandan jo kare Shiv hai unke sath
Om namah Shivay on namh Shivay

Meaning Of The Hindi Lyrics of Shiv Amritwani

The name of Shiva seems like a mythological Kalpataru tree, emitting love for God from the core of one’s soul. The holy thought of Shiva acts like the Sanjeevani, which revives life continuously. When a person utters the sweet name of Shiva, all his sins are washed off. As a duck eats pearls, the devotion for Shiva consumes this holy name. As a little amount of Borax can increase the shine of gold, the meditation of Shiva can purify one’s soul. As no snake ever bites a sandalwood tree, a true devotee of Shiva never suffers from an ill reputation.

Bhuteshwar Shiv or the Lord of Souls is very kind and worshipped by all intelligent people. Neelkantha Bhagawan or the Lord with blue neck resides within every particle of this universe. Chandrachood or Lord with moon on his head has three eyes; thus one who believes and depends on Umapati will get relief from all pain. No one can take the route of fraud before Lord Shiva, like fire and water cannot go together. Lord Nataraj with damru in hand gives relief from all fears and stays with whoever worships him wholeheartedly.

Details Of The Song Shiv Amritwani

The beautiful devotional song Shiv Amritwani is recorded by the famous music company T Series. The lyric of this song is traditional, which means no one is sure about the identity of the lyricist of this ancient song. Surinder Kohli is the music composer of this song, who is well-known for creating the music for many religious songs that were used in several Hindi films. He earned fame for writing all the songs of the film ‘Jai Maa Vaishno Devi’ in 1999.

Anuradha Paudwal was the playback singer for this Shiv Amritwani song and was also featured as the artist singing this song in this music video. She started her career as a singer in Hindi and Marathi films in 1973. She also sang in films of many other Indian languages, like Tamil, Kannada, Odia, and Bengali. However, she is particularly famous for singing devotional songs in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Several Shiva bhajans have been recorded and launched by T-Series Music, among which Anuradha Paudwal Shiv Amritwani has gained huge fame among all Hindu devotees.

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