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Shiv Mahapuran | Shiv Puran Stories and its Benefits

Hindu religion has several ancient scriptures written to praise the glory of different deities, which are known as Puranas. There are eighteen Puranas written in Sanskrit, among which Shiva Purana is a notable one. The Shiv Mahapuran comprises 12 books or Samhitas, containing 100,000 verses. Originally, it is believed to be written by Romaharshana, a disciple of the famous sage Veda Vyasa, the writer of Mahabharata. Later, different versions of Shiva Purana spread to different parts of India and were edited there by local learned people. Many chapters were added centuries later, after the original manuscript of this literary piece was written.

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Stories Written In Shiv Mahapuran

  • Most of the stories of Shiva Purana were based on the grace of Sadashiva and his consort Durga Devi, who are the parents of all divine powers of the universe. In a story of Shiva Purana, Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra are mentioned as the sons of Sadashiv or Paramatma and Mother Durga or Prakriti.

  • However, stories regarding other deities are also included in these Sanskrit scriptures; like Vinayaka, Surya, Brahma, and Vishnu, who were worshipped in Vedic age and also in later periods by all Hindus.

  • A story of Shiv Mahapuran states Chandradeva or Moon God chanting Mahamrityunjoy mantra for 6 crore times, which pleased Lord Shiva and obtained the full cure for Chandra from a complicate ailment. This is the basic story behind the famous Somnath Temple of Gujarat, where Chandra or Som observed the meditation and the temple got its name.

  • The knowledge about Kaal-Brahm or Kshar Purush, Par Brahm or Akshar Purush, and Paramatma or Supreme God is also mentioned in some books of Shiva Purana. The roles of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are described as the Creator, Protector, and Destroyer of the universe.

  • The worshipping method of Shiva Linga by chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’ is described vividly in these religious scriptures. The story of the origin of Shiva Linga is also interesting where the appearance of an eternal pillar or stambha denotes the power of the Supreme God or Lord Shiva.

  • Though Shiva is known for his role of destruction, it is very easy to please him with fresh water, Bilwa patra or Bel leaves, an inedible thorny fruit, and Dhutra flower. No expensive materials are needed for worshipping him, as he is eternal Yogi. The stories of Shiva Purana emphasize the importance of complete faith and devotion on God, to obtain the divine blessings.

  • The special forms of Shiva, like the appearance of Nataraja, are vividly described and explained in detail. The inner meanings of the crescent moon on Shiva’s head, River Ganga flowing out of his matted hair, a large snake wrapped around his neck, and ashes smeared on his body are explained in simple words in the stories of Shiva Purana.

  • The Adwaita philosophy is explained in these scriptures, putting stress on love and devotion for God. Moreover, the eternal knowledge that sages and spiritual people want to know through strict meditation is delivered through the pious stories of Shiv Mahapuran.

Benefits Of Reading Shiv Mahapuran

It is commonly believed that Monday is the day devoted especially for worshipping Lord Shiva. According to the story of Shiv Puran, Chandra or Somdev worshipped Shiva on this day and obtained his blessing. Thus, it became traditional to worship Shiva every Monday that is called ‘Sombar’ in the Hindu religion. Devotees consider it auspicious to read Shiv Mahapuran on Monday, to get the desired benefits of this act.

It is believed that all sincere desires are fulfilled by reading Shiva Purana with devotion. However, it is essential to purify the body and mind before reading the stories of these books.

Childless couples are blessed with good and obedient children in reading these pious scriptures. They need to have the firm belief in the supreme power of Lord Shiva while reading or hearing these stories.

If anyone faces any problem in the marital life, it gets amicably solved by reading Shiva Purana stories every Monday, along with worshipping Lord Shiva. It is better not to have feelings of envy or enmity towards anyone, which may diminish the good effect of this reading.

All personal and professional problems of a person can be solved by the holy effect of reading Shiva Purana. Moreover, all sins are washed away by reading this scripture, leading that person to the attainment of salvation. However, it is important to be careful about not hurting any creature before or after reading these holy stories.

Important Facts Related To Shiv Puran

The twelve books or Samhitas of Shiva Purana are Vidyeshvara Samhita, Rudra Samhita, Vainayaka Samhita, Uma Samhita, Matri Samhita, Rudraikadasha Samhita, Kailasa Samhita, Shatarudra Samhita, Sahasrakotirudra Samhita, Kotirudra Samhita, Vayaviya Samhita, and Dharma Samhita. The first book of Shiv Puran is Vidyesvara Samhita contains 10,000 verses, which describes the greatness of Lord Shiva and the benefits of worshipping Shiva Lingam. Many teachings and quotations from Vedas and Vedanta were included in this Samhita or book of Shiva Purana. Rudrasamhita is another book of Shiva Purana with 8000 verses, which discusses saguna and nirguna forms of Lord Shiva, along with mythological stories of Brahma, Vishnu, and different Avatars of God. Though a few books, like Vainayaka Samhita, Matri Samhita, Rudraikadasha Samhita, Sahasrakotirudra Samhita, and Dharma Samhita are now lost; most of the Samhitas tell about the philosophy needed to be followed to attain salvation. These religious ideas are almost the same as those described in Linga Purana and other Puranas narrating the stories of Shiva and Shakti.

Various books of Shiv Puran were edited and translated into different Indian languages so that all Hindu devotees of various linguistic backgrounds can read these books and attain knowledge. These spiritual stories provide valuable messages even today when people have much lesser faith in God and they are more inclined to materialistic lifestyle. Hence, many book publishers print the refined editions of Shiva Purana and sell at reasonable prices to common readers. So people can buy these books from their local book stores and enjoy the spiritual blessing.

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